Gospel in 4 Paragraphs


created and owns us. Everything was made by Him and for Him. He is holy, just, fair, right, above, before, king… Everything is under His reign. We are then subject to His rule.


has rebelled and turned away from God. We have rejected God’s reign and in pride, attempted to become gods ourselves. Adam and Eve were first but not the last. Individually, we are all at odds with God. No amount of good deeds by us can justify our wrong because God’s holiness demands complete perfection always. We are deserving of His punishment for sin, which is an eternity of separation from Him in a never ending lake of fire.


is God’s only son. Jesus Christ is God’s holy son. Though everything that was made exists by Him, the Word became flesh & Jesus came in human form to offer Himself for His created. He lived a sinless life in complete obedience to God. He laid this sinless life down to pay for the sins of every human in order that they be in right standing with God again. He then rose from death to nullify the hold of death on His people and offer them life. He then ascended to heaven to prepare a place for His people and will return to take them home.


is the necessary action humanity must take in response to the payment of our sins by Christ. God forgives any and all who trust in His Son for their righteousness. Faith in Christ causes each man, woman and child who has it to turn from pursuing their own pleasure back to a rightful relationship with their maker. No longer will they live under the reign of sin. No longer will they run in un-submissive rebellion to God, they will cling to the cross of Christ in the hands of Christ who will never let go. They have hope in the promise that Christ gives eternal life to all who have died with Him and raised by Him. They do not work to achieve life but work for God in response to a life already achieved. They are His people and eagerly await His return to be with Him for eternity.

For more on the Gospel, please read Genesis through Revelation. The entire Bible illustrates God’s sovereignty and love for His people in a manner that relates to all of life and offers more than can be adequately condensed into 4 paragraphs.

Send us your comments if you’d like to discuss or find particular verses of scripture that speak to specific portions of this. If you’re in the Cayman area, we’d love to connect with you. If you do not have a pastoral leader, we would be honored to help you find one. If you do not have a Christian to ‘kick it’ with, we will humbly offer ourselves or give you recommendations.

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