It Could be Yours (A Poetic Reflection on Jonah 2:8)

by Michaiah Bryan


“Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.” –Jonah 2:8


I’m holding on to what I want,

My pleasures, my thoughts

become my driving force,

desires I flaunt.

I want, I like,

I cannot live without

I must have this

or I’m pulling my hair out.


“Look at, look at those guys

They’re so insane!”

On the T.V. I see

blood spill from veins

of the idol worshipers

dancing, frenzy, big blur

sharp knife to tough skin,

pray for crops at season’s end.


“Nope, I’m not like them

No sir, not me.

I’m not the one carving

statues out of big trees.

No incense-burning here,

no dead animals.

You can’t be comparing me

with the cannibals.”




Stop! Stop!

Red alert!

Danger, danger, dangerous!

What will I do with the

violent anger, pride, and lust

stored up in my deepest parts?

To them I build monuments

defying all wisdom, reason, and godly sense

Get paid, get chicks, get prestige quickly

Chasing money, sex, and cars

has got me all sickly

Doctor Jesus, Great Physician, Lord of the universe

has the cure for my disease

and freedom from my sinful curse

Born with it, made it worse,

I indulged freely

And if I do not repent,

God’s wrath I’ll be feeling


But God was pleased to crush Christ

Savior, Savior offers me

pardon I do not deserve,

boundless grace and mercy.

So the question really is: What will I cling to—

Christ the Solid Rock, or the idols that will sink dudes?

Christ offers grace

Will I let go of the idol?

Either I’m clinging to Jesus,

or I’m clinging to his rival.


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