#LT – Time Fa Dat Ting – ThaRealMC’s Verse

It’s been a while but we’re bringing #LyricTuesday back!  To kick things back into high gear, it seems fitting that we dropped y’all some lyrics from an album released 4 years ago, Solus Christus Vol 2.

This week’s lyrics is from ThaRealMC‘s verse in Time Fa Dat Ting.

“Two things
First thing’s first
Let me spit this in a verse
When I end up in a hearse
I should get a world of hurt

Two things
I’m a sinner
Sinner, sinner
Chicken dinner

I should be fried
With some fries on the side

But good thing
Christ done died
Took my place
They pierced His side

But good thing
He ain’t dead
We live cuz He would rise

He was crossed
But sin was angry
You could say miserable

Now we Christian
Little Christ’s
We some little rebels

Now kill the treble
Bring the bass
That low end
Is going

Like we are
We go hard
Lets show them
Real living

So from the beginning
We were sin-in-ing
Life was limited
Death comes knock-in-ing

But Christ comes running in
Died then rise to the sky
Said He will come again

So this is the reason
We living for God
Life exists
In living in God

Then we’ll get our wish
In living with God
Dying is gain
And living is God

Life ain’t what you make
That’s a lie
It’s what God gives

So these two things summed up
Equals one
All Him”



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