Lyric Tuesday 1 – Romans 6

Romans 6 – Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ
by ThaRealMC (attempt to rap Romans 6 *audio/video may follow later)

What shall we say, then?
Shall we keep on sinning
So that grace may increase?
By no means!

We are those who have died to sin

How can we live in it
Any longer? Can’t you hear
That’s Romans 6 verse 1& 2
Let’s jump down now to 6

For we know that our old self
Was crucified with him
So that the body ruled by sin
Might be done away with

That we should no longer be slaves
Because we’re free from sin
Now if we died with Christ
We will also live with Him

We know that since Christ
Was raised from the dead
He cannot die again

What can I add?
Na, nothing should be added
But I pray that we will receive His gift
And not take His grace for granted

Like living on this planet
Wait, there is more
The gift of God is eternal life
In Jesus Christ our Lord.


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