#LyricTuesday – Always a Slave

What’s more fitting for today’s #LyricTuesday than the lyrics for a single that was just released today; the title track for Dalmond’s upcoming album “Always a Slave.”  Listen along with the lyrics below.  Available on your favourite digital store today.

Always A Slave


I can’t escape it though I run away
Around each corner I’m a wanted man
Whether I choose or not
One thing will stay the same
No matter what
I’m always a slave

(Verse 1)

Got these shackles on
Who can take them off me
My hands to touch
N my eyes see
My legs to go n my mind thinks
Everyday that I breath I’m fighting

Oh lord
Please come take this cup from me
It’s too hard Lord right now to breath
I have no strength lord I am week
My flesh it gets the best of me

Sin pulling many into its faction
Soldiers falling back with no permission
My affliction lord
Is my addiction
Oh my Dear lord
Will I fail the mission

I don’t wanna lose
But I lose if I choose
Cuz my nature
Every time I try
Every time I fail
Every time cuz
It’s sin that I choose
On my own I am losing

I’m a slave to my flesh
Though I was freed
This battle is deep
But I don’t fear death

What I fear is when
Don’t wanna die in sin
With sin as the master

If I close my eyes
Never to wake
I pray the lord
My soul to take

If I’m always a slave let me be that
But let me be enslaved to my Jesus
My Jesus


(Verse 2)

My flesh doesn’t care that it leads me to death
Even if killing me means death to my flesh
I need it to go but it won’t go
Guess it won’t go
If I don’t know

What it is I’m a slave to
Why fight
What to fight for
What it is you’d give your life for
Sin kills
Taste the venom
Kiss the serpent

What you think is a worm
Is a viper

Lost in the dark
Think they’re
All winners
Shout light
But it’s
Dark in em
Daz  just how it is for us
Born sinners
Nuthin more we love than we
Love sinning

Freed from sin
Then why’re running back
Sin that cruel master
Yet in love with him
Running hard no time to hear the whip crack
Smile on every face
No hold backs

But grace will cause em to turn
Theses slaves will live not burn
Enslaved to righteousness
Turn to Christ my friend
We’re all slaves
Semper servum

Though  there’s a struggle in me
I ain’t ever turning back
Made to serve him
Now I serve him
Semper Servum yeah


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