#LyricTuesday – Dying to Live (ES)

Lyrics from the Dying to Live track on the album Exit Strategy

(MC 1)
I keep on sinning
Feels like I’m never winning
Wish that I could start over
From the beginning

If this is my life
I feel like I ain’t living
Matter fact I’m dying
And I realize that I’m a

And I’m a liar

I’m a thief
I deserve the fire

Yeah, I deserve to burn
Seems I never learn
What I shouldn’t do, I do
Like I’m speaking outta turn

What I should do, I don’t do
It’s impossible to earn
My way to heaven, though I’m dying
Just to leave this earth

But my death
Can’t pay my way
Like really
What’s it worth

So Christ took my place
His grace
Has freed me
From this curse… of dying

I’m dying to live (repeat)

Who can free me
From this body of death
One moment into the next
I keep on breathing to death

I should be needing this breath
But Lord I’m bleeding instead
I keep on trying but I’m dying
Lord I’m dying to live

(MC 2)
I used to measure life
Compared it to famous guys
I won’t even mention who. Who?
Why waste my time?

These same dudes
They living lies
Hundred women
Thousand crimes

Million miles
Billion dollar
That’s a lot of dimes

Sleep in expensive houses with
Full beds and empty lives
All day on that call of duty
Zombie killing time

I see dead people
Walking around my town
In real life

But why shoot those
Who dead already
Can you kill
What don’t have life

Can a man unmarry
Who never ever had a wife
So why stay pale and dead
You need some blood
In your life

Some blood
Not in vain
But veins
Pumping through Christ

This is life is His
But I get to live
And this living, this living won’t die

(MC 3)
Wanna be Your hands
I Wanna be Your feet
Wherever You go
That’s where I’ll be

Lord gimme Your words
So I can speak
Lord gimme Your eyes
So I can see

I realize I’m weak
Go blind to see
Deaf to hear
And numb to feel

Give it all away to have You
I have to have You
So You’ll have me

Give it all away
So this can be
Me and You
And You and me

Select me ways
And hit delete
Replace my heart
Make me complete

Lord I need to be
Reformed, reborn
Remade from this depravity

While sin is strong
And it holds me on
Wanna keep me down
Like gravity

I’d rather be
At the Father’s feet
Giving Him everything
Killing sin in me

Lord please take
Every part of me
My lungs, my heart
My arteries

Please save me from this tragedy
Save me from this calamity
Now by Your grace redeemed
I’m on Your team
By Your blood on Calvary


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