Open Letter – Michael Blackburn

Hello to all in the name of Christ Jesus who is Sovereign Lord and Ruler over all.

If you do not know me: my name is Michael Blackburn. I want to be open and honest with due diligence and in humility about recent events in my life that those who support, pray for, look up to me and labour with me for the sake of the gospel, need to be informed of for several reasons, chief among them being: the witness I, as a born-again Christian, bear of Christ.

I have sinned. I have been unfaithful to Christ, His image and agenda of shunning evil and even the appearance of sin.

As can be gathered from the format in which I wish to confess this, my sin is of a nature that is public. My sin will be seen and noted. I have had a relationship which has resulted in unhealthy intimacy that is not prescribed by the bible outside of marriage. As a result of my sin, I will soon be a father without having first been married.

I am deeply sorry for my sinful actions. I have ignored the sanctity of marriage, the only circumstance that allows for sexual behaviour within God’s plan and rule, and dragged through the mud a relationship that should have been lived in the proper God-glorifying light and instead done away with both self-control and Godly intention to fulfil ungodly lusts. I am ashamed, hurt by my own actions and very much in need of continuing corrective measures. I am not and was not right in my sin. But know that I have gone to God, Christ Jesus – He who is faithful and just to forgive and cleanse from all unrighteousness— begged for and received mercy.

I know that there are many who will be deeply hurt and disappointed by my actions; many that have listened to what I have had to say pertaining to God and the gospel and given me the privilege of bringing the truth to them and theirs. I cannot express enough through these meagre words how sorry I am to have broken trusts such as these. I can only beg forgiveness and show the fruit of the repentance I claim by confessing and moving forward to live the life God commands me to. To help with this I will be stepping back from the forefront of ministry with my family at Pauze Entertainment Ministries and any other ministries I am affiliated with. I beg that gentleness in the name of Christ will be considered and the spurring on to the finish line of the race that we run. I also ask my brothers and sisters in Christ for continued prayers and support.

If there is anything I can give to those who struggle with the same sexually immoral issues I have and is in need, it is this: I beg that you too run to Christ for forgiveness and seek strong guidance through properly loving brothers and sisters in a local church family that preaches and lives the gospel of Jesus Christ; accountability is necessary throughout such times.

The way to combat the nature within us is to confess, repent, trust again or for the first time in Christ Jesus for all-satisfying life and become accountable and committed to accountability with others who are self-proclaiming, gospel preaching and living believers. These will help make life easier, the process smoother and hope and rest in Christ more real. I thank all for their support and prayers.

I pray that Christ will be seen as the standard for our living, the only one who saves and rules as Lord over all.

All for His glory.

Michael Blackburn


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