I’ve created this photo yesterday and honestly, I had no idea why I chose to. I began to consider ways in which I could make a post about #rekindle. After all, I did like the picture.

This morning I woke to a hit to the gut. Conviction after conviction. From What’s App messages to music in traffic, the constant theme seemed to be that I should not forget my God. And indeed, I should not.

Colossians 3:17 & 3:23 were great reminders from a friend who knew of my struggles at work this past week. They were a great reminder to keep focused on God. Then, in the car, Natalie Grant’s song King of the World drop-kicked me like I wasn’t ready. How often we forget that God is indeed the supreme, in-control, author-&-owner-of-life, never-resting, king of the world.

Where’s the connection to this seemingly arbitrary word; rekindle? If we’ve some how shifted our focus, misplaced our love, changed our source, etc…, we may find that our fire is dying out. The flame that once burned passionately for our savior has now become embers struggling for oxygen & fuel. Some of us hide it well. Some catch a spark every now and then from others or from going to events that hype our spirit into a quick flame. The sad news is that these things cannot produce lasting effects, even if done repeatedly. The source of our fuel must be God himself.

I feel it may be in the best interest of not making this a book long read to tackle the subject of how we make having God our source of passion and drive in another post. I will say this however, if we are to know God, we have to know his word; it is in his word that he reveals his holiness and his love in saving us through Jesus.

Take a minute or two today and get into his word. I’m going to stop typing now and do that very thing. I’ll have to keep praying for the drive to consistently do so as there are many distractions that can cause me to neglect the flame.

Have you lost the fire? Pray. Read. Find people who will encourage you. Get plugged in to a body of believers. Rekindle the flame.


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