Tip We On by MC

For this #LyricTuesday, catch this verse from a song that didn’t make the cut for ThaRealMC’s upcoming album.  Hope it’s as much fun for you reading as it was writing 🙂

“We Christian
We on a mishion
Keep it running, yeah we running
Like we Lithium

This how my family
Be working for the Father
Like we all on salary

You don’t wanna miss this
Put this on your wish list
Jesus for the whole world
You could say we fishing

But we don’t wanna eat you
We just wanna feed you
Get you off the hook
Like all I got is verses

All we got are verses
Put that in your purses
You can find your worth in
Christ, that is for certain

Talking bout the Bible
Key to survival
Living off the Word
Like berries in the wild yo

And we can wild out
You can come and find out
How life in Christ
Can bring the smile out

Sin’s so dumb
It’ll blind us
Living to die is pointless
Like a stylus”


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