A few days ago I wrote this as my status on various social networks: “Feeling tired yet unaccomplished. Unsatisfied cuz I really don’t want this. I hate this I’m sin’s accomplice. Faithless, I’m underperforming.” Now besides the fact that I can’t seem to help myself but rhyme, there’s something wrong with that statement. How can one be tired from working and yet get nothing done? And how am I sin’s accomplice?

Well… good question. The last line sums it all up. Lack of faith keeps us underperforming. To illustrate, let’s consider our life as a car and faith as the gas. Now I’m taking the position as a Christian so by faith in Christ as savior, the car has been remodeled, refurbished, and bought to serve the King. The car now awaits to be used by the King with new hope knowing that the King does not destroy what is His. (Without getting too deep into God’s sovereignty, all cars are under His rule but to be under His protection, one must turn from being His enemy to being His child through the grace given through Jesus Christ.)

So back to our issue. A car moves faster the more we give it gas. How then can we move if not by faith? What I fear is that we understand what our mission is and the tasks ahead of us, but we fail to actually move in faith. To talk about the work we have to do and to do nothing about, we have only acknowledged that there is work but it doesn’t get the work done. We become sin’s accomplice in procrastination, doing nothing while waiting for something to happen.

So to my 2nd status of the week: “What if I don’t do it right? What if I don’t say it right? What if they don’t like me? What if they suffer God’s wrath & are unrepentant? Go” What if our what if had us on the other side waiting for someone to bring the Gospel. What if it was us that was still stuck in sin in the path of God’s wrath? I’ve had a renewed heart this week, thanks to God. I’m vowing to stop talking and to start doing. No more ‘work’ without getting anything done. Faith is an action word, but we should not deceive ourselves to believe that we’ve acted if we’ve jump from the boat but still held on to the railings. To do so means we’ve never left the boat. How then can we swim?

In closing, I want to say that I’m not coming against being still if that is what God has called you to do. After all, it is His will to be done and it is not us who saves. What I am saying is that we’ve all been commissioned to bring the Gospel to all, for it is the power of God to save, and that our lack of faith is causing many cars to sit on the side of the road and worst, some still in need of repair. Let’s live life on blast with the faith that moves! Go live Matthew 28!


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