Welcome to Earth by Mic

Welcome to Earth (A Poem for Newborns)
by Michaiah Bryan
September 1, 2011

Welcome to this foreign land I cling to
For twenty-two years I have called it home
It was built not in one day but six
By a great King who sits upon a throne

He fashioned it with rivers and with valleys,
And mountains that stretch up to touch the sky
Its brawny landscape leaves me oft to wonder
How so much beauty echoes painful cries.

For its inhabitants of every shape and color
Scattered to its four corners, though a sphere
Bend themselves to anger, violence, hatred,
To the causing of and spreading of great fear.

I speak not of flora or fauna fair
But of men, women, children everywhere
Our very cores are beset by a ghastly contagion
Whose outward beauty and decadent lure
Hide nothing but deadly persuasion

But from afar came rescue and redemption
The Creator made this landscape his retreat
For thirty-three years He walked and dwelt among us
In flesh like ours and with a rugged heart that beats.

We were baffled at His words and at His actions
We often scoffed at who He said He was
And so we rose up mightily to crush Him
With human hands we spilled His divine blood.

But this was all a part of His great purpose
He gave us all a heavenly surprise
For not long after being laid in a darkened tomb
The Son of God defied us all to rise.

So, welcome to this place we call the Earth
Your sins will soon be plain for all to see
But if you should repent and trust in Jesus
He’ll wipe them all away, no more to be.


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