You Need a Little “Introspection”

Want to know what Thabiti Anyabwile thinks of Introspection?  Pastor T as we like to call him, has a blog over at that I’m currently subscribed to, and you should be as well.  Take a look at his posts at and particulary his posts “Some Basic Thoughts on Manhood” on Worship | Work | Work, Again | Women | Confidence & Fear | Singleness.

So as I was saying, our good pastor has done a post about Dalmond’s album, Introspection.  As a form of gratitude, I’m telling you so you can check out his stuff.  … and you’re still here reading this…  Oh, you did already.  Then you would know about the video at the bottom of his post, right?  You would’ve also known why we love Pastor T’s ministry so much as well if you’ve looked at the other posts.

Ok, now that you’ve actually read the entire post, and probably still there so I’m not even sure why I’ve typed this.  But when you are back, join us in praying for him, his family and First Baptist Church that the Lord will continue to make Himself known to and through them.

You can read his post on Introspection here:


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