Exit Strategy

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Sophomore album by Pauze Entertainment artist, ThaRealMC. As the name Exit Strategy implies, the album consists of lyrics that expose humanity’s flaws in light of the hope that comes from a force external to our own nature. Unable to break from this prison of sin, Christ comes on a rescue mission to offer freedom.

As one of the members of Inexenim, ThaRealMC invites the rest of Inexenim to drop their lyrical styles on the tracks. If you’re looking for typical hip-hop & trap, Exit Strategy will surprise you. ThaRealMC’s instrumentals are influenced by EDM & it plays a hinting influence throughout the album, while not venturing deep into the genre itself. The soothing voices of Abigail Ebanks & Mennen Langlois yet strong vocals of James Geary showcase the talent found in their Cayman Islands hometown, to which the track “Heavy” speaks to.

Released at http://pauzeentertainment.com prior to its international release on other online retailers, Exit Strategy not only goes against norms in lyrics, styles & production but also in how business & marketing is approached.

Exit Strategy is nothing normal. Issues are exposed. Christ is revealed. Escape from death is offered. Will you see the strategy? Will you take His exit?


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